Stay on Track for the Holidays!

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  • We posted this Blog before but thought it would be a good idea to post it again as the Holiday Season is upon us once again!


    By Rob Taylor:

    Before you know it the malls will be decked out in Christmas decorations and the Salvation Army Santas will be clanging their bell by every entrance and exit.

    The grocery store I use already has their decorations up and we have not yet had Thanksgiving!

    Seems a bit hasty to me but the stores are hurting and doing everything they can to put us in a buying frenzy. I am not sure if garland, glitter, and blow up Santas have that effect but the stores seem to.

    The stores will be working just as hard to separate you from your money as you worked to earn it. It is important to work that much harder to stay on track with your CareOne plan during the holidays! 

    Stay on Track 

    Many customers will call CareOne and ask about skipping their payment in November or December, or ask about postponing it. Remember that you have been working towards the goal of being debt free all year! Try not to miss your payment, or postpone it, because it may jeopardize the benefits you receive from your creditors and negate what you have already invested in your Plan.

    Holiday Banking Hours 

    Another important tip to remember is that banks are closed during the holidays which can extend the amount of time it takes to process your monthly payment through CareOne. This can lead to problems if you cut it to close and ask to move your payment date. Please take a look at your payment date on the calendar and verify when the debit will occur. It typically takes three to five business days for your payment to be processed. If need be you can always adjust your payment date to occur a day or two earlier to make sure your creditors receive their payments on time.  

    Spend Wisely 

    Hopefully you were able to put together a budget at the beginning of the year and include a portion for your savings for Holiday presents. If you did not, or other expenses popped up which changed your budget, not to worry! As we pointed out previously the stores have had a rough 2009 and when that happens they will often lower their prices to entice buyers to purchase from them as opposed to their competitors. What this means to you is that it is a great time to hunt for bargains! Be sure to check a few competitors before making purchases and do not for get the online options like EBay.  

    Set you Goals and Stick to them 

    It has been a tough year for many Americans because of the economy and corporate downsizing. If you have been affected it is not the time to buy expensive presents or feel that you have to buy something for everyone. Pick the people who are the closest to you, like your parents, spouses, children, and siblings and rationally decide how much you can afford on presents. Once you have your plan, make sure you stick to it.  

    The Bottom Line

    • Stay on track with your CareOne program
    • Remember the banks are closed during the holidays
    • Find the best deal
    • Put together a plan and stick to it


    Coach Tammy

  • Dear Coach Tamy!

    I was on the phone with one of your wonderful customer care reps, and have a question for you. I am very interested in working with Care One as a "coach" or official blogger. I have a vast experience in management services, as well as financial tips. I know that being in your program might make you ask: "If you are so good, how did you end up in debt"? This is the truth: My husband opened a Music School here in Santa Barbara in September 2008. We were pre-approved for a small business loan from our Bank, and went ahead and signed the lease. We had no idea that the economy would explode three days later. So our Bank gave us a call and withdrew the loan from under our feet. We had no other choice but to pay all the expenses with our credit cards, which is a HUGE NO NO, and finally managed to get out of the commerical lease, so that we wouldn't end up in the streets. Your Company has been a blessing, and I would be honored to add my knowledge and tips. I moved to the States from Greece in 1998 and have seen to my dismay how un-educated people are with their finances, and how irresponsible credit carduse has become.

    I am at your diposal for any further information you may require, and would love to add a little to my income by helping others through my advice, experiences and life lessons.

    My best Regards,

    Mariella Stockmal

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