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  • Two of my creditors now show an estimated balance more than my starting balance. Before the new year these accounts reflected the payments I've been making. Of the two accounts in question one is now $90.00 over where it started 2 years ago, the other only $30.00 over, but still...why?
  • Hello,

    We need additional information to investigate this on your behalf. Please provide the following for each creditor involved - Contact us, email us or use our online chat:

    Statement issue

    Name of creditor-

    Last four digits of account number-

    Creditor due date -

    Statement closing date -

    Previous balance-

    New balance-

    Finance charge-

    Interest rate-

    Late fees-

    Past due amount-

    Other charges-



    Coach Tammy

  • The accounts in question are Gap and Walmart. I have logged in to both accounts, however, not all the information needed from Gap is available. I will give what it lists. Gap (last statement 2/14/2012) last 4 - 6534 last payment - $20.00 (according to my program Gap should receive $35.00 per month as payment) Interest charges - $15.20 Other charges - "Card Security" - $14.50 (perhaps I can and should remove this as the card is no longer active) Walmart - (last statement 2/2/2012) last 4 - 8927 due date - 2/25/12 Closing date - 2/2/2012 Previous balance - $697.20 New Balance - $697.37 Finance charge - $13.56 (interest charged) Interest rate - 22.90% Late fees - $0.00 Past due amount - $0.00 Other charges - Card security $11.39 (again could cancel as card is not active) My payment for walmart, according to my plan is $18.00 a month is being made. When I began the program in January/February of 2010 my beginning estimated balances were as follows: Gap - $771.00 currently - $861.91 Walmart - $666.00 currently - $697.37 Thank you very much, Joshua A Carlyle

  • Hi Carlye429,

    I am going to forward the information you listed above to a member of our customer care team. They will review all of the information and contact you to discuss your account. Please look forward to hearing from someone shortly.



  • Thank you very much for your help and your very quick response time!

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