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  • I know I have asked this question before, but I am still a nervous wreck.  At this time I am not behind on my accounts and I have never been behind.  The debt is too overwhelming and with the changes I am going through at work I know I will get behind.  I have scheduled my payments about ten days before both of the accounts I included in the plan.  Since I won't be late will I start getting calls.  If the proposals are not accepted at first will Careone still continue to make the projected payments monthly that they debit out of my account so I won't have any late payments?
  • Hi pencycamp and thank you for posting to your Care One family.

    You can ask the same question as many times as you need to to feel comfortable, so never apologize for being concerned about your finances.  It sounds like you have taken all of the appropriate steps to assure that your creditors get their funds on time. If that is the case, then there is no reason for them to be calling you. They call if they have not received a payment. If the proposals are not accepted, typically the creditors still accept and post the payment. If that were to happen, we would notify you ASAP so that we can rectify whatever question it is that the creditors have and get another proposal out.

     Please feel free to check in with any other questions. I hope this helped you feel a little more at ease. Just take a deep breath and let the program work for you. I know it's hard to hand over control but let us handle this, you handle the big stuff :)

    Have a very safe, happy and financially stable Holiday.


    Ann Felter Senior Financial Fitness Coach Certified Credit Counselor 1-800-348-6927ext 6147 afelter@careonecredit.com
  • Yes, this has helped!  I will relax some...  It is hard handing all this over, but it does feel better having some help. 

    I just had to call and speak to someone there.  I think you have been very helpful and friendly.  Plus the person that I spoke with on the phone was very helpful and friendly (sadly, I am so stressed I can't recall her name).  Thank you all.

  • If you are doing the settlement plan it all depends on if they accept your proposal. I was just like you in OCTOBER and no one has accepted my proposal yet. Yes, I am still getting calls. My escrow is low because they take out fees before making a payment to creditors. I am starting to build up my escrow now. My accounts are all either in collections or with an attorney...
  • We weren't behind on our payments either.  And we set up our CareOne payment in advance of the due dates of our credit cards.  But they are going to call.  To tell you that you didn't make a payment, especially if the payment CareOne sent isn't the minimum on your card.  They will tell you that they didn't receive a payment.  You need only tell them that you did send a payment, and give them CareOne's number.  We even got calls at work.  They were never wracking, to be sure, but once all of our creditors got on board with our payment plan, things got easier.  We got interest rate reductions, and credits on interest charged during the battle period when we were still fighting about proposals.  I called several of my creditors during this period and discussed proposals with them too.  Let's face it, if you wanted a credit extension, you would call.  Why not call and discuss the debt payment plan?  You have to be an adult about this. CareOne is great about keeping you up with what's going on.

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