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  • what happens to my accounts if i have made extra payments to my accounts & not through care one?
  • Hi Chewbacca,

    We strongly encourage you to continue making all of your payments including extra payments and your final payment through your debt management plan. 

    Direct payments to your creditors can result in original creditor terms reinstated as they view your ability to make extra payments as a sign that you do not require the help of a debt management plan.

    It is important to note your regular payment will stay the same throughout the plan despite additional payments. Making extra payments can shorten the length of time it takes to complete your plan and there are no penalties of fees for completing your DMP early. 

    You can make extra payments by:

    • Mailing in a money order or cashier's check with instructions on how to apply the payments.
    • Increasing your regularly scheduled payment three business days prior to the debit. To schedule an extra payment, simply call us at 1-800-CARE-123.
    • Access your online account through My CareOne along the top toolbar under the blue quick links toolbar, click on update payment info.  You will have the option to apply it to just one payment, or all future payments.

    Wishing you much continued success on your DMP!

    Suzanne Coblentz

    Community Moderator



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