Feeling a little mislead

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  • Good Morning,

    When I enrolled in CareOne I qualified for the hardship program.  I called the other day to increase my payment, since I am now in a position to do so, and was told that I could not increase it for the card I was requesting.  The CareOne associate went through my program and determined that of all of my creditors, only 4 would allow me to increase my payment without any penalties.  I asked her if that meant I could not snowball when a creditor was paid off and she told me I could only increase my payment to those particular creditors.  I am a little ticked off about this.  When I enrolled, I was specifically told I could not increase my payment to Bank of America, there was no mention of any of my other creditors.  This would lead anyone to believe that Bank of America was the only creditor on my plan with this restriction.  I have a couple of questions now that I have been made aware of this, one, is the payoff timeframe estimate based on me snowballing my payments?, two, if I can not snowball my payments is this going to increase my time on the plan? and three, why was I not told that I basically could not increase my payment to a majority of my creditors, why was I only told about Bank of America?  If you could, please have someone review my account and contact me with these answers through email.  Thanks.

  • Hi chris4bama,


    I am sorry if you feel as if you have been misled and I would like to address your concerns. However, for specific information relating to your account you will need to speak to our servicing department.


    I am forwarding your post to our servicing department and someone will review your account and email you back within the next 24 hours.


    Thank you for your post and have a great day!


    Kelly K

    CareOne Community Support Team



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