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  • I am paying off debtor's one at a time. One is paid off this month. My question is, there is only a $23.00 balance on this debt but their monthly payment was $154.00. So what happens with the remaining payment? Does it apply to the next one above it? Also would like to know how I can make payments from my own checking account. Can anyone help me with this?



  • Hi Teresa,


    Thank you for your post. That is great news that one of your accounts is almost paid off. When a creditor is paid in full or the balance due is less than their payment, we ask that you contact our servicing department with the information for the account that is being paid off and the account that you would like to reallocate the payment to. With this information we can properly update your Debt Management Program.


    In regards to making your payment from your bank account, we only offer two payment methods. One is the Easy Pay or automatic debit from your bank account and the other is to mail in a money order or cashiers check.



    Our servicing department can be reached by email, through our live chat service located under the Help tab or by calling 800-227-3123. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm EST. Have a great day!


    Kelly K

    CareOne Community Support Team


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