Companies won't work with Care One?

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  • During my phone call with Care One, I was told flat out that two of the companies I need help with will not work with Care One (Lending Club and Prosper). These are two of the bigger payments I have that I am unable to keep up with. What do I do if they won't work with the DMP?  I have tried contacting both and have been told they will not lower my interest or payments.

  • Depending on the amounts involved in total, I would contact an attorney in your home state and look at your options with him or her.  I cannot give you advice, but the debt is so large that you cannot pay it on their terms, nor will they accept the DMP and lower interest, an attorney may be needed here.   I'm surprised because I had one that would not accept a proposal, but did make arrangements with me if I agreed to an automatic debit amount that I could handle.  And lowered the interest because I agreed to let them debit my checking account.  But, if this is impossible to handle on your own, see an attorney.

  • Before assuming that adding an attorney's costs will get you further in debt, know that any payment or price for services must be agreed upon.  If you think you cannot handle a consult, then don't do it.  However, usually consults are free or very low in price.  The reason for an attorney is that this may only mean a telephone call from an attorney for those two creditors to work with "you."  Some will not speak to the card holder or creditee.  But they may speak to an attorney who can navigate for you.  Also, depending, you may live in a very creditee friendly state -- one that has protections for people  who cannot pay a debt on the terms of the creditor.

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