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  • Will it be possible to be approved for a mortgage while on the program?
  • Hello brippen,


    If you enroll in the Debt Management Plan making major purchases can be complicated because your "credit worthiness" is harder for creditors to determine. Every lender is different and may view things differently. Lenders look at your overall financial picture when determining your creditworthiness. This might include your credit history, the amount of cash you are putting down on the purchase, and the type of loan you are requesting.


    The program does allow clients to purchase a home, a vehicle or obtain a loan for educational purposes while on the program. When the time comes, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-CARE-123 to request a loan letter which you can use to show a lender your participation in the program. This will also include a payment history and a repayment schedule.



    Coach Tammy

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