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  • Has anyone else had a problem getting Capital One to accept your proposal?
  • No, I did not.  They were actually the first one to accept the proposal for me.

  • I'll let you know with a second post when I find out what they will do.  I just started and if they go with the proposal outlined to me, I will be so much better off.

  • Captial One can be difficult.  I got rid of them many moons ago. I am going on the third month of my DMP and one thing I have learned is if you are behind some will jump right away at the proposal and some will take forever and be difficult.  For the ones being difficult be persistant.  Keep them on the CareOne program and make calls to them.  I had this problem with GE Money and I just kept calling until I got someone on the phone that cared. Also ask CareOne for there advise also they are great for this and they do encourage effective communciation with your creditors. Sometimes creditors have their own debt management program they can offer you and if you can get a better deal to pay it off CareOne is supportive of that deal.

    Here are the results I got from calling and calling until I got someone that sounded like the Hallmark card and cared:

    merrick bank - they set up my payment to what I  could afford monthly. They gave me 6% interest rate and allowed me to pay $55.00

    GE Money - offered me zero perecent interest rate and allows me to choose my monthly payment. I just did the payment that CareOne suggested.  The only thing is they don't send you statements so I call in every month to get my balance and I set up my payments in 5 months blocks.

    Keep trying.  My motto the bigger pain the creditor is, the better offer they will probably give you. Just keep them on the program and DONT GIVE UP!!! This is a team effort between with Careone!

    Good luck!!!

  • I have but they change there mind.  But now they want even more money to be sent and threating me with more fees,  I thought the program suppose to stop all of this.  I only owe 850.00 on my card.  

  • The program will help but as mentioned some creditors especially if you are behind will be difficult. Keep discussing it with careone, and keep continuing to make payments. At least that shows effort and try to pay more if you can. Just keep at it. I know it can be discouraging....HSBC is driving me crazy but I keep paying and paying extra.  You can also call CareOne sometimes they have the better number to call your creditor if you are being sent to the land of no where becaue they charged off your account.  Hang in ther slanshr.   I wish the cards I am working on only had $850.  Mine are double that..but it DOES GET BETTER!!!!

  • Some creditors are not willing to help us out.  It can definately be frustrating.  I have a creditor also that is not very helpful.  I hope your creditors do finally accept the program.  I don't have much hope for mine.  They like to just keep giving me offers that don't help me get out of debt with them.  For example 3 months of waived late payment fees.  I am not late so don't know how that helps.  Now they have on my statements that since I have joined a program they will allow me to pay only 1% of my debt each month.  OK, that helps lower the payment but the interest rate will keep me in debt forever.  Like abad1903 says just stay on top of it and pay extra when you can.  I too wish my debt with my headache creditor was only $850.  Mine was at $4,000 in January but since they aren't willing to help me out, I have made every effort to get them paid off and have them under $2,000.  Hope to have them paid off by September giving them under $400 in interest.  I hope they get the least interest out of all my creditors!!!  Good luck to all of you.  I hope your creditors come aboard!!!

  • Yes.  I am really disgusted with them.  CareOne sent a proposal in December, payment in January.  CareOne said they refused the proposal and negotiated another proposal.  CareOne said it was accepted in March.  CapitalOne said they never received or accepted a proposal.  Now my account has been sent to a collection agency demanding payment or I will face legal action.  

    I have spent two hours on the phone tonight with CareOne and CapitalOne and they are both still holding firm to their stance.  I don't know what to do or who to believe.  CareOne stated tonight they are sending it to their agents to take care of this matter and I will have a response in 3-5 days.  I can't pay any more per month than I am paying now.  

    I wonder if Chapter 13 would have been easier.

  • they were the first one to accept mine too

  • me and my husband has a total of 3 captial one accounts. i have 2 and he has 1. the 2 accounts my proposals were just declined because i just found out these accounts have been charged off. i will call captial one to find out who they were charged off to and maybe then i can get the 3rd party collection agency to except the proposal. i will see what happens. on the other account i spoke with captial one yesterday and was told by them that they declined the proposal. when i asked why i was told by a superviosr that they wanted more money. when i asked how much she say she did not know that. is that funny they want more money but do not know the amount. so all of my capital one accounts are declining my proposals. these are the highest accounts i have. I just don't know if i should do this program. my first payment  is due the 20th of this month.

  • I had no problem with Capital One.They accepted the proposal immediately.

  • Captial One denied our proposal three times, each time wanting more money, each time it was insane, like $4.00 more a month.  CareOne kept after it and eventually Captial One accepted the proposal (and both of our Capital One cards are now paid off!).  We have been on the plan 4 years and in December we will make our final payment.  I'm so excited I can nearly dance.  Getting started can be a pain, but CareOne has ALWAYS been straight with me and helped me out.  I would listen to them before the creditor.  Just my experience.  Hubby and I were so far in debt we were drowning, so to be nearly done is a real "thank you" to this program.  

  • Hold on,Capital one is blowing smoke.As far as the collection part that is thier stratagie.Care one has a great reputation and I am sure it will be resolved.Your doing what you need to do.Some people dont even try and pay the bills they owe.One of my friends owed 1,500 to a credit card company and never paid them.She got phone calls and sent out letters to them not to call our she would sue them.They sent letters out for months but no phone calls.Care one will do what is needed.Have faith.

  • Lowes is the only one who would not lower the interest rate for me.

  • Yes, they would not accept anything I tried and then when I took them out of the program they sued me in court. They are horrible to deal with.. Good luck!!

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