Expungement of Bad Credit

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  • Hello,

      I had heard that it was possible to expunge bad credit remarks by "paying to delete." I have had my motorcycle reposessed and Harley Davidson is requiring that I pay off the remaining balance of $8200 in full in order to have it returned to me. I called them to inquire about the possbility of being able to pay the account off and having the negative credit remarks removed in return. The representative stated that it was not a possiblity and that all they wanted was for the account to be paid off.  I was wondering if there is still a possibility of expunging some of those negative marks on my credit score if CareOne were to negotiate with Harley Davidson, or am I stuck in this situation with my credit for years to come?

  • Good evening,


    I am not familiar with paying to delete information from your credit report. I would suggest contacting one or all of the three major credit bureau’s to see if there are any other options.


    www.experian.com   www.equifax.com   www.transunion.com


    We also need some additional information for the Harley account. This account can be placed on the plan as long as the lender has officially listed the balance in their collections division where it is no longer considered as secured debt. Please verify this and then contact Customer Care to provide us with the updated information.





    Coach Tammy

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