persels and associates being sued

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  • Will their court fees cause my fees to go up to pay for their being sued?
  • No and we would like to apologize for the delay in responding to this string. We had to ask Persels & Associates to respond, please see your other post for a more detailed response.


    Coach Tammy




  • Why are they being sued?

  • The lawsuit referenced in the original post is currently being settled in Florida.  

    CareOne provides certain administrative and paralegal services for Persels & Associates, but Persels & Associates is your service provider for your settlement servicing. 

    All current and former clients were sent notice from the court, which explains the basis of the lawsuit, and an explanation of the proposed settlement.  The Notice from the court is to make clients aware of the proposed settlement.

    Persels and Associates and Care One deny all allegations of wrongdoing and liability asserted in the amended complaint and maintains that they have conducted their respective dealings with the Representative Plaintiff and all members of the putative classes in a lawful manner in all respects. Defendants maintain that they each have a number of meritorious defenses to the Representative Plaintiffs' various claims. Nevertheless, Defendants recognize the risks and uncertainties inherent in litigation, the significant expense associated with defending class actions, the costs of any appeal, and the disruption to their business operations arising out of this litigation. Accordingly, Defendants believe that settlement is likewise in their best interests. The Court has made no finding that any Defendant has engaged in any wrongdoing or wrongful conduct or otherwise acted improperly or in violation of any law or regulation or duty in any respect. 

    The lawsuit will have absolutely no impact on P&A's ability to negotiate settlements on your behalf. All active P&A clients will continue to receive the same service that they have received in the past, and active clients will still have access to their assigned field attorney as needed.

    We cannot provide you with advice regarding this settlement, if you have further questions regarding your rights you may seek independent counsel from an attorney of your choosing or from class counsel as listed in the Notice.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thank you,

    Persels & Associates.

  • I, as a current participant in the debt settlement program, had NOT received any notification of this lawsuit..ever!  I am also not savy to litigation proceedings, and therefore, do not fully understand the letter referenced above. Could someone with savy enlighten me? Thanks.

  • @jerryattrick,


    Please contact Persels and Associates at 1-866-939-PALAW to obtain more of an explanation and details to address your concerns.

  • I will say "No" as CoachTammy has stated and as Scoblentz has stated.   I have had several debts settled by Persels and I received the notice from the Western District in Florida because that is where I live.    I did receive a change in the retainer that went out,  but it only discussed how Persels gets paid for their services and not how much they charge.      If they should change the structure or size of compensation they would receive,  they would notify you of the change and provide you an option to leave a program.     It bears reminding that Persels & Associates are your attorney and you can cancel your service any time, with or without reason.     Any monies within your escrow would be returned to you minus any fees.  It is highly advisable NOT to cancel out on Persels if you are in the middle the of a settlement.  Anyway,  a lot what I have read is from the retainer and the website.  You should do the same or call Persels & Associates at 1-866-939-7252.    

  • Jerry,  the lawsuit is happening in Florida.      You may receive a letter or notification.    I received notification of the lawsuit in email.   

  • I also received notification via was in my junk folder.  

  • Along with the above explanation you can also click here:

  • I pad P&A over $3000 and they only cleared $600 of my debts.  My credit dropped from 640 to 425 due to following P&A's directions. I started getting harrasing phone calls and was sued and  P&A did nothing.  T

    P&A sent me a refund of $7.00.  They lied to me from the start.

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