Hey guys,
I'm doing woodwork business for the past few years. It took almost 1 year to get everything in the right place. I'm planning to take some works from Florida. If so, I must transport goods to the customers on time.
We usually hire a local moving service. They brought their own truck to my shop, wrapped all of the wood, loaded it to their truck, drove it to the customer, took all of the pieces into the building and put them in the proper rooms. All I had to do was point and watch.
As the year's pass, I was sure that I was going to continue to make a profit from this business. I would like to purchase a truck for the same. But I don't have that much-fixed fund now. What about availing a truck loan? I am planning to take a loan from a truck financing service. What's your opinion regarding this? What is the best truck loan interest rate? Kindly help me.