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  • Forum Post: starting another program

    Can I add my accounts and get a quote from you guys before submitting?
  • Forum Post: debt program

    I would like to know if you have a debt consolation program..
  • Forum Post: Restarting

    How are you doing, I finished with this program about 2 years ago and got backed up again. What should I do? can I restart with you guys?
  • Forum Post: paid accounts

    How can I get a hold of paperwork reflecting the total amount paid to a certain account
  • Forum Post: Payments

    Will contact me . I cannot access my account.
  • Forum Post: payoff

    is there a payoff amount offered in the program?
  • Forum Post: payments

    If I only have only one more creditor to pay. Why isn't my to payments going to them. The payments shouldn't be going to a creditor where the balance is zero. This has been going on for the last 3 months. Something is fishy!!
  • Forum Post: Balance is below next payment

    The balance on one of my credit cards is less than $5, and the next payment through the program will be around $97. Payment is scheduled for April 1. Can this be adjusted so that an over-payment does not occur?
  • Forum Post: paying off

    I am sending a check to pay off one will this affect my statement and my payment due to you? Thanks!
  • Forum Post: Making my final payment in April 2016

    Hello, According to the most accurate information from my creditor, Discover Card, I have a remaining balance of $680.62. I just had my March 15th debit by CareOne of $510.00, and I assume dispursement to Discover Card is pending soon. This means that my April 15, 2016 debit should be my final Care...
  • Forum Post: payoff a creditor

    WIll do. Thanks!!
  • Forum Post: payoff a creditor

    I would like to payoff my Wal-Mart-Synchrony Bank in the amount of $267.34, is this allowable? And if so, what do I do to make sure my upcoming payment does not get applied to this account, the account shows as a $0 balance and the payment is allocated to the next lowest balanced account. Thanks...
  • Forum Post: Question

    How do I remove a card from the program?
  • Forum Post: CANCEL SERVICES...

  • Forum Post: Payments to charged off acount

    Care One has been making payments to Credit One Bank for my entire program and the balance has gone from 746.00 to 426.00, now I am receiving contacts from a collection agency for the original 746.00 amount. What is my next step? Thanks
  • Forum Post: my account

    How can I pay off my account?
  • Forum Post: Over payment to my creditor

    I overpaid my payment to my creditor for $339.64 How can i get my refund . ?
  • Forum Post: how can I contact you by phone?

    how can I contact you by phone?
  • Forum Post: website

    Why can't I see the creditors and the balances on the front page anymore as well as the expected date that I will be done with the program?
  • Forum Post: chase

    I show chase with a zero balance I only owe wells fargo
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