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  • Forum Post: You guys can't help me now because I'm in Nevada?

    I got a letter in the mail that mentions that you can't provide support to me going forward because you can't aid people in my state, Nevada. The letter was all I heard. No e-mail or message posted on my profile on-line. I just want to clarify this. Thank you.
  • Forum Post: escrow

    I see I have $294.00 in my escrow account. I know $67 comes out of the escrow account each month in our agreement. However, now that Care One will no longer be taking care of my account after April, this escrow money will be refunded to me I understand. How soon should I expect the money as I don't...
  • Forum Post: Are you out of business?

    Are you out of business?
  • Forum Post: cancelation

    Dear Care one,I am so disappointed in you.I am one credit card away from getting out of debt and you send me an email telling me you have stoped taking clients in my area. What am I supposed to do now?Brant Prior
  • Forum Post: payments

    I received email letter that stated my payment was going down from $1012 to $934 on January 21st. I understood my February payment would be $934. However, $1012 was taken from my account. Now I see on my page 2 places with next payment due/amount and they are not the same payment amount. Can you...
  • Forum Post: come back to the program

    Could I come back to the program to finish to pay my bills
  • Forum Post: escrow

    I have put a hold on my monthly debit withdraw as of 9/11/15. I do not wish to close the account since there are pending status with some creditors. I would like to know how I go about requesting some funds from my escrow account (not the full amount). Who do I need to contact in regards to this...
  • Forum Post: settlement date 8/23

    Do not debit my acct on 8/23 have an emergency and I need the money, however I can call in on 8/26 for you to debit my acct, please advise ASAP, Al Marengo
  • Forum Post: customer service

    I need to request that my debt management acct be moved to debt settlement to pay it off..
  • Forum Post: I got an e mail from you

    I got an e mail from you.I don't know what it means.the e mail say's we are writing to follow up on your recent inquiry.Idon't know what that means.can someone e mail me back asap.thank you gary raymond.
  • Forum Post: refund

    how to i request a refund for the balance in my escrow account?
  • Forum Post: How do I remove a creditor?

    How do I remove a creditor?
  • Forum Post: Success Fees

    I would like to know how my success fee is computed. I have received offers directly from the debtors for same amounts or lower without having to pay the success fee? Need to see better fees or it is time to change to another service. $1300 dollars is outrageous for what is being done on my behalf.
  • Forum Post: judgement summary

    I was sued. Y one of my creditors while I am in the debt management program in careone just wondering if my creditor win the case what help can you extend to me? Coz I heard if they win they will garnish my wages so how will you help me with this matter?
  • Forum Post: get free credit report

    free credit report
  • Forum Post: Tax Form

    Will I get a Tax Form
  • Forum Post: Last Payment Amount?

    If my regular monthly payment is $300 but my last payment to my final creditor in the DSP is only $230 will the full $300 be drafted and I will get a $70 refund or will only the amount needed ($230) be drafted? My last payment isn't actually until Feb 2015 but I want to prepare and get answers before...
  • Forum Post: stop debt settlement program

    I have been enrolled in the debt settlement program and only have one account left to settle. I would like to stop the program at this point so that I can take care of this creditor and start to work on my credit. Does Care One charge a fee to stop the program early? All payments have been made to the...
  • Forum Post: 3 Months left!

    Hello, I have three months left on my 4 year program. How/what should I do now to prepare to close my account and be rid of my creditors? Thanks so much for this program. I lived frugal and now I can breathe a little more! Art
  • Forum Post: cancelling

    as part of my debt settlement plan what is the downside to cancelling and withdrawing my savings? Will it affect the debts I already settled?
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