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  • Forum Post: Phone number

    I am trying to speak with someone in regards to my account. The phone number on the website automatically refers me to another company. I am becoming very upset. I would appreciate if someone would contact me with a number to speak to someone.Thank you
  • Forum Post: How can I make a payment

    I need to make my payment
  • Forum Post: Statement

    Where do I find my statement?
  • Forum Post: payoff to you or my creditors

    I'm not sure if this questions has been asked. I could not find it. When I'm ready to do a payoff do I go through Careone or directly to my creditors?
  • Forum Post: Thankful for CareOne

    We had been trying to consolidate our bills and the staff has been so helpful. Thank you so much and you are an important account for us. Can you please send me my payment date and balance, so I can take care of this ASAP 🤕😉
  • Forum Post: Account online

    How do I access my account online
  • Forum Post: Credit Reports

    Good Morning! I was perusing my credit report this morning, looking for items that may be outdated, etc... You see, my husband and I are working on purchasing our first home and are desperately trying to clean up our credit report. I am noticing two accounts that have had zero activity since February...
  • Forum Post: HELP reconnect payments

    Hi, My name is Jason, i stopped made payment for two months and I found some funds to pay for the payment back on next 5th. i got some letter that some creditors have stopped the debt manager program from your company. I still continue want to pay the debts, not stopping it. I am available to pay on...
  • Forum Post: cancel

    How do I cancel the contract? Going thru hardship and extremely hard to make payment
  • Forum Post: take off a debt

    I need to take off one of my accounts
  • Forum Post: Financing plan

    Just got my card but doesn't explain what my special financing plan is
  • Forum Post: I am back in debt

    Well I am back in debt, and need help. Can we set another plan up?
  • Forum Post: wrong account on the program

    Dillards- Wells Fargo Nat'l Bank is the wrong account # - 579674128141 Correct account # 6045 8723 4039 1636
  • Forum Post: PARENT LOANS

    Our daughter just graduated from college and we have a parent loan to start paying soon. It has 3 loan amounts with different interest rates all through Nelnet. What is the smartest way to pay this off with the least interest? How do we consolidate?
  • Forum Post: 3 days left

    im 3000 in debt and i make 1300 a month but i need to get out of debt in the next 3 days can you help?
  • Forum Post: Pay Period change

    10 months away from completing and my pay days change? Can never get ahold of an operator and I refuse to do the automated thing. Care1 is good but at this point, I'll just stop the auto withdraw, how do you like them apples? Please do not respond with 900 Emails, just change the due date to the 20th...
  • Forum Post: Hi

    I receive a letter from one of my creditors that they didn't receive the agreed payment by due date, and now the balance is null and void. But it says on my careone account that paid in full already. So what's going on?
  • Forum Post: Over Extended

    I am overextended and need help consolidating. I'm scared because I'm a single mom and I am moving into a home with my fiance and marrying in less than 1 year (we're moving in less than two months to his home). Is there anything I can do?
  • Forum Post: Stop

    I had to place a stop payment on the next payment that is due on July 28th, because I will not have the money until August 1st. What will I need to do to submit the payment on the 1st?

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