Where does the money go if its Pending? Fees?

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  • I joined Care One in 8/2010 and all my proposals were Accepted; Except which still says  pending. I was wondering if its pending...where is that money going? because if that money isn't going to that bill, it would be nice to get my money back or throw it in my other bills that i can actually track because they are credit cards...and the one that is pending is a medical bill.


    can anyone help me out with that info?

    Other then that I have no complaints about Care one...=)


    Just that the account that says pending takes the biggest chunk of my monthly payment and if its pending..I want to know if I can get that money back or add it to different payment ...I also recall being told that I wasnt supposed to be charged a monthly payement.....and now I am seeing that every month there is a fee...what is up with that?

  • Pending means: We have sent a proposal to your creditor on your behalf. Although we have not yet heard back from your creditor, we will still send them the proposed monthly payment outlined in your repayment schedule.


    It is not uncommon not to receive a response from the specific creditor in question. I will also have a payment history report sent to you showing each payment to the creditor since the start of the plan. The monthly fee is also disclosed in your original client agreement and on each repayment schedule.


    Thanks and keep up the great work,

    Coach Tammy



  • I understand tht the money is going to them...but is it reflecting on my bill??...for example if i was to call that bill to ask for a current amount would it reflect the payments that I have made ?

    My fear is tht i am gonna call and they say no...then i am gonna think....where is that money.

  • Yes your payments should reflect on the bill and the balance with the creditor. If you call and have any issues, please call us and we can research for you.

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