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Leadership in Debt Settlement

Leadership in Debt Settlement

To help consumers understand the issues surrounding this hot topic, CareOne providers have introduced a new four-part series on leadership in debt settlement.

The first part -Straight Talk on Debt Settlement: Why Consumers Need Debt Settlement, explains why the service is important and if it is the best fit for a consumer in need of assistance. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming parts to the Debt Settlement Series: 

  • Straight Talk on Debt Settlement: Best Practices
  • Straight Talk on Debt Settlement: States Leading the Way
  • Straight Talk on Debt Settlement: Challenges Ahead 
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  • re: Leadership in Debt Settlement

    had I chose dsp when I  first joined the program I would  be well on my way to be

    debt free I am glad I switched since 8/2011 I have three creditors  down and four to go

    thanks to the good LORD that steered me to careone. I am  SOOO!!!!! exited I

    thanks, selena

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