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  • Forum Post: Re: paying off creditors

    Hi there dklinks4, We strongly encourage you to continue making all of your payments including extra payments and your final payments through the plan. Inconsistent or direct payments can result in the original creditor terms being reinstated. This is important as many creditors have recently increased...
  • Forum Post: Re: earlly payoff

    Good afternoon, Absolutely! There is nothing wrong with accomplishing your goal of becoming debt-free sooner! Any additional payments will enable you to complete your plan sooner and should be made through the CareOne. You can do so by: • Mailing in a money order or cashiers check with instructions...
  • Forum Post: Re: extra payments

    Hi there Amyavery and welcome to our new community! Squade and mdavis1964 are correct! The process for making a final payment to a creditor is to review your final statement and contact us with the final balance. This will ensure that we do not overpay nor underpay the creditor for the final payment...
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