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  • Forum Post: Re: Cancellation

    I regret to learn that you are considering cancelling your program curtscleanup2. You may cancel with advance notice prior to a scheduled debit. I recommend calling us at 800-227-3123 or chatting with us if unable to call, by going to Help and clicking on Chat Now while logged into your online account...
  • Forum Post: Need Credit for Business

    I am going on 4 months of being with Care One. I have no complaint other than it was not explained to me that the accounts would be closed. No issue there as it makes sense. The problem that I am running into now is that I do need access to a line of credit for business. I have taken a contract position...
  • Forum Post: missed payment, no funds in bank

    I have missed a payment and I do not have money in my bank account to pay. I have been in financial crisis. Can i make a payment with a credit card? (silly, i know)
  • Forum Post: Re: cancelling my account

    Hello, I am sorry to hear that you will not be able to start on the Debt Management Plan at this time. I have escalated your concerns and will have a member of our team contact you shortly. Thanks and hang in there, Coach Tammy
  • Forum Post: Re: closing my account

    Good morning, Our plans are completely voluntary and you may cancel at anytime. Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-CARE-123 for assistance with canceling your account. It is important to note that when you cancel your plan your creditors will be notified. This may result in your creditors reinstating...
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