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  • Forum Post: Re: Ending service

    Hello, When you are ready to make your final payment I suggest that you review your most recent statements from the creditors or contact the creditor for a payoff balance and then Contact us with the final balances. This will ensure that we do not overpay nor underpay the creditor for the final payment...
  • Forum Post: Re: cancelling the program

    Hi, We strongly encourage you to continue making all of your payments including final payments through the program. Inconsistent or direct payments can result in original creditor terms reinstated. This is important as many creditors have recently increased, in some cases doubled their minimum monthly...
  • Forum Post: Paying off debt

    I want to know what the difference would be if I was to just pay off the creditor straight through them o giving credit one the money to do the same thing since I want to pay off my debt now??? I do not see what would be the difference because either way it will be paid off.