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  • Forum Post: Payday Loans

    What is the process I need to take to get both online and brick and mortar payday loans on the Care One program. Please let me know what the timelines usually are for collections and can these places continue to charge their higher interest rates until collections takes over. Thanks
  • Forum Post: lowest price on generic viagra

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  • Forum Post: Collection Agency

    Hi I called a Collection agency to ask about a settlement for a credit card that I owe and they told me that due to the long period of no payment, the credit card company nor agency doesn't report the payments/no payments to the credit agencies anymore, so what does that mean? It will show on my...
  • Forum Post: Re: Protection

    Hi Vbizzelle, I am really sorry to hear that you are experiencing creditor harassment. There are consumer protection laws that regulate just how much contact creditors and collection agents have. Here are a few resources that explain more about general consumer rights, but I would also encourage you...
  • Forum Post: Re: collectors

    Hi RBRTSCD, Collection activity by creditors and collection agencies can be tough to handle. You do have rights as a consumer and it is important to understand those rights when dealing with aggressive collection agents. Here is a link to an article that lays out you rights as a consumer and offers resources...
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