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  • Forum Post: Re: credit

    Hello, Unfortunately we cannot make any representation about any aspect of your credit record, credit history or credit rating. Restoration of credit varies from person to person as there are many Factors affecting your credit score . First I would suggest obtaining a copy of your credit report. There...
  • Forum Post: Fraud Alerts while on Program

    I decided to check my credit reports today and noticed an address that isn't mine. I've disputed it with them, but I'm thinking about calling in a fraud alert to be on the safe side. I don't think it would affect my on going program?
  • Forum Post: DSP Payment Reporting for Creditors

    Are my creditors responsible for reporting any payments from my DSP to my credit report?

    I have two smaller accounts left, one for around 500 or 600, and the other is about 800. I have a larger account with reliable credit for 6694, and a total of 1100 in my escrow account. What i am wondering is why havent there been any offers made on the smaller accounts? I have not had any luck with...
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