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  • Forum Post: missed payment, no funds in bank

    I have missed a payment and I do not have money in my bank account to pay. I have been in financial crisis. Can i make a payment with a credit card? (silly, i know)
  • Forum Post: Paying off all Debt

    We are wanting to pay off all of our debt but don't want to end up getting yet another bill with finance charges. If we find out our balances can CareOne make a payment immediately? We just want to be done but understand that CareOne does not want us to pay of the creditor ourselves.
  • Forum Post: Any ideas would really help. Thank You!

    Let me first give you a background of my fiancé and mine’s situation. In 2011 my fiancé and I decided to move in to an apartment together. We were young and stupid. I had just graduated college with my degree in elementary education and he was working for a major retail company as a manager. We budgeted...
  • File: Women, Debt and the Recession

    Traditionally, the world of finance has been dominated by men. Mentions of Wall Street and investment bankers conjure images of power suits and old boys clubs. But on Main Street, the Great Recession has put women on center stage. Women and men alike are dealing with financial stress, threats of home...
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