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  • Forum Post: You guys can't help me now because I'm in Nevada?

    I got a letter in the mail that mentions that you can't provide support to me going forward because you can't aid people in my state, Nevada. The letter was all I heard. No e-mail or message posted on my profile on-line. I just want to clarify this. Thank you.
  • Forum Post: escrow

    I see I have $294.00 in my escrow account. I know $67 comes out of the escrow account each month in our agreement. However, now that Care One will no longer be taking care of my account after April, this escrow money will be refunded to me I understand. How soon should I expect the money as I don't...
  • Forum Post: Are you out of business?

    Are you out of business?
  • Forum Post: cancelation

    Dear Care one,I am so disappointed in you.I am one credit card away from getting out of debt and you send me an email telling me you have stoped taking clients in my area. What am I supposed to do now?Brant Prior
  • Forum Post: payments

    I received email letter that stated my payment was going down from $1012 to $934 on January 21st. I understood my February payment would be $934. However, $1012 was taken from my account. Now I see on my page 2 places with next payment due/amount and they are not the same payment amount. Can you...
  • File: Women, Debt and the Recession

    Traditionally, the world of finance has been dominated by men. Mentions of Wall Street and investment bankers conjure images of power suits and old boys clubs. But on Main Street, the Great Recession has put women on center stage. Women and men alike are dealing with financial stress, threats of home...
  • File: Leadership in Debt Settlement

    To help consumers understand the issues surrounding this hot topic, CareOne providers have introduced a new four-part series on leadership in debt settlement. The first part - Straight Talk on Debt Settlement: Why Consumers Need Debt Settlement , explains why the service is important and if it is the...
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