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  • Forum Post: come back to the program

    Could I come back to the program to finish to pay my bills
  • Forum Post: escrow

    I have put a hold on my monthly debit withdraw as of 9/11/15. I do not wish to close the account since there are pending status with some creditors. I would like to know how I go about requesting some funds from my escrow account (not the full amount). Who do I need to contact in regards to this...
  • Forum Post: settlement date 8/23

    Do not debit my acct on 8/23 have an emergency and I need the money, however I can call in on 8/26 for you to debit my acct, please advise ASAP, Al Marengo
  • Forum Post: customer service

    I need to request that my debt management acct be moved to debt settlement to pay it off..
  • Forum Post: I got an e mail from you

    I got an e mail from you.I don't know what it means.the e mail say's we are writing to follow up on your recent inquiry.Idon't know what that means.can someone e mail me back asap.thank you gary raymond.
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