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  • Forum Post: Tax Form

    Will I get a Tax Form
  • Forum Post: credit card company's choices

    After getting signed up on careone, all was going smoothly, But one card changed the status of pay-off as a charge off, Still taking the payments, but on the credit report has it as a charge off with payments being made. Nice way of doing business! CHASE. Until its paid off, Thats how they do people...
  • Forum Post: Last Payment Amount?

    If my regular monthly payment is $300 but my last payment to my final creditor in the DSP is only $230 will the full $300 be drafted and I will get a $70 refund or will only the amount needed ($230) be drafted? My last payment isn't actually until Feb 2015 but I want to prepare and get answers before...
  • Forum Post: stop debt settlement program

    I have been enrolled in the debt settlement program and only have one account left to settle. I would like to stop the program at this point so that I can take care of this creditor and start to work on my credit. Does Care One charge a fee to stop the program early? All payments have been made to the...
  • Forum Post: 3 Months left!

    Hello, I have three months left on my 4 year program. How/what should I do now to prepare to close my account and be rid of my creditors? Thanks so much for this program. I lived frugal and now I can breathe a little more! Art
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