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  • Forum Post: cancelling

    as part of my debt settlement plan what is the downside to cancelling and withdrawing my savings? Will it affect the debts I already settled?
  • Forum Post: Remaining money in escrow after final debt is paid off.

    I will have an escrow balance once my final creditor is paid off. Is that automatically mailed back to me? Do I have to close my account with you to stop the amount from being debited after my final creditor is paid off?
  • Forum Post: sign form,

    I need to sign a form, electronic, where do I go?
  • Forum Post: Last payment

    I made my last payment of 09/26 of $106.68 but it stills shows a payment of $300.00 to be deducted on Oct 20. I have called several times and spoken with different people that assured me this would be removed because I have completed the program. Why is this still showing and when will it be removed...
  • Forum Post: Debt Management

    I am running into the problem that my creditors are not excepting the debt settlement program can I switch back to the debt management
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