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  • Forum Post: Final payment

    I'm currently paying on my last account in my debt settlement. We'll be receiving a bonus at the end of next month and would like to pay the remaining balance for my account. Are there any fees accrued for early payment?
  • Forum Post: Tax Refund = Pay Off of Two Accounts?

    I've been reading the posts regarding early payoffs, and I am very interested in utilizing part of my tax refund for debt payoff. I'd like to know the exact steps I need to take in order to do so through Care One. Thanks!
  • Forum Post: Paying off all Debt

    We are wanting to pay off all of our debt but don't want to end up getting yet another bill with finance charges. If we find out our balances can CareOne make a payment immediately? We just want to be done but understand that CareOne does not want us to pay of the creditor ourselves.
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