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    Hi Carrie, I can see that you are enrolled in a debt settlement plan with Persels and Associates. They will have your specific account details and be able to explain how to handle the situation you detail in your post. Please contact Persels and Associates at 1-866-939-PALAW today for direction on how...
  • Forum Post: Re: 16 declined proposals

    Hi RexRules, Debt Settlement can be challenging as securing settlements relies on more than just escrow; timing is a huge part of the process. I have escalated your concerns to Persels & Associates and somebody will be following up with you to address your specific questions about progress with your...
  • Forum Post: Re: Creditor Calls are a nightmare!

    Good afternoon I know collection calls can be quite frustrating. If you do not take the calls the creditor will still work with Persels and Associates. If you decide to take the calls we ask you to keep a log and provide the following information: The full name, address and phone number of the collection...
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    My lawyer dropped the ball
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