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  • Forum Post: Student Loans

    How can I tell if my student loans are eligible for a debt management plan through Care One? Are any of them eligible? Additionally, I just received a letter stating that a credit card has been paid off through my plan... How long can I expect it to take for it to be reflected on this site? And what...
  • Forum Post: Re: changing program

    Hi Inspir, I am very sorry to hear about your personal situation. I have escalated your question to our Online Servicing team. Somebody will research your account and follow up with you to provide an answer to your questions. Hang in there! Suzanne Coblentz CareOne Community Moderator
  • Forum Post: macys, paypal smart connect, amazon store card

    is there anyway i cam add these 3 cards to my careone program??? macys paypal smart connect amazon store card
  • Forum Post: Removing charge-offs after they've been paid in full

    Hello, I'm getting close to finishing my DMP (hooray!), and my husband and I are in the market for a house once we've paid everything off. I know that the charge-offs that appear on my credit report are a major red flag for lenders, and I'm really, really worried about how this will look...
  • Forum Post: Re: Proposals

    Hi Simpleman62375, I have escalated your question about proposal status to our Online Servicing team. They will be able to walk you through the latest updates regarding your proposals. Until then, I have two guides that I think will be really helpful for you to read. The first is how to manage your Debt...
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