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  • Forum Post: Companies won't work with Care One?

    During my phone call with Care One, I was told flat out that two of the companies I need help with will not work with Care One (Lending Club and Prosper). These are two of the bigger payments I have that I am unable to keep up with. What do I do if they won't work with the DMP? I have tried contacting...
  • Forum Post: missed payment, no funds in bank

    I have missed a payment and I do not have money in my bank account to pay. I have been in financial crisis. Can i make a payment with a credit card? (silly, i know)
  • Forum Post: Payment

    I am glad that I started a DMP with CareOne, however, the payments are starting to get a little bit unmanageable. I'm having a hard time having the money available for CareOne to take. I'm wondering if there is any way I can lower my payments? Does this mean new proposals have to be submitted...
  • Forum Post: Payment

    What if I can't make a payment this month?
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