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    I have missed a payment and I do not have money in my bank account to pay. I have been in financial crisis. Can i make a payment with a credit card? (silly, i know)
  • Forum Post: Re: Payment

    Good morning, Once you know you are going to miss a payment it is a good idea to contact one of our Customer Care representatives at 1-800-CARE123 (227-3123) ahead of time and let us know. Creditors expect a payment every 30 days or it may result in a loss of benefits but some creditors may be more forgiving...
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    What if I can't make a payment this month?
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    Why does CareOne wait until 5-days before the draft date to propose the plan to the creditors? Wouldn't it make sense to start the negotiation process immediately after a client enters all their data? Prior to an approved proposal, clients have to still keep current payments with the creditors AND...