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  • Forum Post: Phone number

    I am trying to speak with someone in regards to my account. The phone number on the website automatically refers me to another company. I am becoming very upset. I would appreciate if someone would contact me with a number to speak to someone.Thank you
  • Forum Post: How can I make a payment

    I need to make my payment
  • Forum Post: Statement

    Where do I find my statement?
  • Forum Post: payoff to you or my creditors

    I'm not sure if this questions has been asked. I could not find it. When I'm ready to do a payoff do I go through Careone or directly to my creditors?
  • Forum Post: Thankful for CareOne

    We had been trying to consolidate our bills and the staff has been so helpful. Thank you so much and you are an important account for us. Can you please send me my payment date and balance, so I can take care of this ASAP 🤕😉
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