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  • Forum Post: Creditor Pay Off?

    Looking through the forums, I see a lot of posts about pay offs to creditors. My question may be the same or similar to those already asked, but I want to ask anyway, just to make sure. I have 2 creditor accounts Care One is helping me pay off. Both through Capital One (which I had no trouble having...
  • Forum Post: Payment Consolidation

    Hello, I am getting pretty close to paying off one of my credit cards (Thank you CareOne!) and now I want to know what I can do to take the money from this creditor account and apply it another creditor account. How does this work? Thank you, Jason
  • Forum Post: Payoff of One Credit Card

    One of my credit cards is almost paid off. How will the funds be redistributed? Or will my monthly payment be decreased accordingly.
  • Forum Post: Re: paying off the smaller creditors

    Hi Karen, Please Contact us each time you are ready to pay off a creditor. We will set up the pay off on your behalf. Once a creditor has been paid in full you will have the option to reduce your payment or reallocate the funds to another creditor. We encourage that you reallocate your funds and keep...
  • Forum Post: Re: PAID IN FULL ACCOUNT.

    Congratulations on paying off a creditor! I have had your request processed. You will receive a new repayment schedule to confirm the changes. Thanks and keep up the great work! Coach Tammy
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