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  • Forum Post: Final payment

    I'm currently paying on my last account in my debt settlement. We'll be receiving a bonus at the end of next month and would like to pay the remaining balance for my account. Are there any fees accrued for early payment?
  • Forum Post: So, I have a question. My interest rates are now down, should I intensely pay down, or invest in my retirement?

    I'm currently earning 15-20 % yearly in my 403b and Annuities. Should I let the Care One program run its course naturally and keep investing in my retirement? My Care One accounts are each under 10%. Any thoughts?
  • Forum Post: Trust Account Balance/Checking Account Withdrawals

    Since my trust account has more than enough money in it to pay off the negotiated settlement and cover the monthly CareOne $50.00, is there any reason why Careone should continue to withdraw money from my checking account for the next 2 months? The withdrawals should stop at best or be reduced. Also...
  • Forum Post: Money going to account with no balance?

    Just a quick inquiry.. I have a payment coming up in less than two weeks and it shows $61 going toward an account that has no balance to pay.. Will it be adjusted to go to another account, or will that $61 end up going to the company I don't owe anymore? The last time I paid off an account, it was...
  • Forum Post: Any ideas would really help. Thank You!

    Let me first give you a background of my fiancé and mine’s situation. In 2011 my fiancé and I decided to move in to an apartment together. We were young and stupid. I had just graduated college with my degree in elementary education and he was working for a major retail company as a manager. We budgeted...
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