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  • Forum Post: Re: Why am I still getting served by the court?

    Hi Carrie, I can see that you are enrolled in a debt settlement plan with Persels and Associates. They will have your specific account details and be able to explain how to handle the situation you detail in your post. Please contact Persels and Associates at 1-866-939-PALAW today for direction on how...
  • Forum Post: Re: Correct address for credit agencies

    Hi Jesse, I am not sure which creditor you are referencing, but I have escalated your request to Persels and Associates. One of their representatives should be contacting you early next week to clarify your request and assist you with the next steps. Thank you, Suzanne Coblentz Community Moderator
  • Forum Post: Re: email address

    Hi Pooh2424, Persels and Associates email address is and the fax number is 1-888-863-8659; Please be sure to include your program ID number on all correspondence. Thank you for posting, Suzanne Coblentz Community Moderator
  • Forum Post: Re: bankrupsy

    Hi Sharonhenry, I see you are enrolled in the debt settlement plan with Persels & Associates. I want to make sure that you have the most accurate assessment of your account and opportunities for settlement. I have escalated your question to the Persels & Associates team and somebody will be reaching...
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