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  • Forum Post: Student Loans

    How can I tell if my student loans are eligible for a debt management plan through Care One? Are any of them eligible? Additionally, I just received a letter stating that a credit card has been paid off through my plan... How long can I expect it to take for it to be reflected on this site? And what...
  • Forum Post: Student Loan Debt

    I enrolled in the Debt Management Plan through CareOne in February of this year. I have done remarkably well and am very happy to see my debt going down, down, down! However, I am still buried under a mountain of Student Loan Debt. I am wondering if there are any banks, companies, etc... that would work...
  • Forum Post: Re: Student loans

    Hello alexboling, You may include Student Loans to the program for the convenience of one payment; however, the lenders do not offer any reductions. Some clients may add them to have one less bill to pay during the month but have to continue paying the amount the lender requires and that payment should...
  • Forum Post: College

    Hello, I recently finished paying off my debt. I know that I can get a loan for a car or a home, but I was wondering if I will be allowed to take out a student loan? Thanks, Amy
  • Forum Post: Re: school loans

    Hi Jenny, Yes we can see what we can do to help you with your student loans. I have sent your information along to our Student loan team, somebody should be contacting you in a few days. Thank you, Suzanne Coblentz Community Moderator
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