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  • Forum Post: Student Loan Debt

    I enrolled in the Debt Management Plan through CareOne in February of this year. I have done remarkably well and am very happy to see my debt going down, down, down! However, I am still buried under a mountain of Student Loan Debt. I am wondering if there are any banks, companies, etc... that would work...
  • Forum Post: College

    Hello, I recently finished paying off my debt. I know that I can get a loan for a car or a home, but I was wondering if I will be allowed to take out a student loan? Thanks, Amy
  • Forum Post: Re: adding student loans

    Good morning, Te above response is correct; we cannot help with student loan debt. Please see: Student Loan Options for additional resources. Thanks Coach Tammy
  • Forum Post: Re: student loans about to go to court

    Hello, Unfortunately, we cannot help with student loans. If we add them they will still expect the same payment amount requested. Please see: Student Loan Options If you decide to cancel - You may cancel at any time for any reason. It is important to note that when you cancel your plan your creditors...
  • Forum Post: Re: Defaulted Private Student Loans

    Hello, I am sorry to hear that you and your husband have been through so much dealing with student loan debt. Unfortunately, this is outside of the scope of our services. We are not familiar enough with the lender to be able to offer proper advice. I would suggest contacting the company as suggested...
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