My, my, my, how time does fly!  It’s already a brand new year and time to think about all those exciting new challenges 2008 will bring.


I have traditionally made New Year’s resolutions.  I love the idea of making a life-changing commitment and then coming up with a strategy to accomplish that goal.  Unfortunately, real life has a tendency of getting in the way of my fabulous dreams and aspirations. My past resolutions become recycled each year in January.  And no, I still can’t seem to get it together and run a marathon, lose 10 pounds and meditate three days a week.


This year though, things are going to be different.  Why? Because I’m actually going to make a resolution that I must achieve for my financial well being.  I’m going to reduce my monthly expenses and try to grow my Emergency Fund account.


This fund has taken quite a hit since Dear Hubby (my husband) relocated and is currently not working.  Like many families whose household incomes significantly shrink, we are going to have to make some major changes. So we’re going to buckle down on the spending, adjust our lifestyle to meet our current income, and hopefully stash a little cash into the piggy bank to cover any unbudgeted expenses.  This is not going to be easy, but I’m sure I’ll learn some great money-saving tricks that I can tell you about to help you save some money.


The first thing that we are going to do is stop eating out, which is one of my most favorite things to do.  But restaurants take a big bite out of our budget.  So stay tuned to the Debt Diva’s regular blog to find out my progress on my New Year’s resolutions and my adventures in staying out of debt!