As a sole proprietor you're glued to your business all the time. Do you really think this pace is sustainable for the long haul? Here's how to plan for a short getaway to recharge your batteries.

When you run a shop of one, you have the joy and anguish of doing absolutely everything yourself. Accounting, new business, client support... it's all you all the time.

Most days it's manageable, but what happens when you want to get away? Many sole proprietors spend the whole vacation on the phone, while their families look on with growing frustration. That's not cool. 

This article isn't about taking a six month cruise; this is more of a 2-5 day break plan. Here's how I've seen it done in the past. If you have better ideas or more tips I'd love to hear them.

  • Take your computer. But set some ground rules. You'll need to have it if an emergency comes up, but if you spend more than an hour on it a day, your spouse has permission to take it away from you.
  • Tell your clients. Inform your clients that you are taking the break. You might not believe it, but they're human too, and should cut you some slack for a little R&R. If they don't, then you may need some new clients.
  • Set a backup as the first responder. You work with lots of partners. Let them be the first line of defense for clients if they have an emergency while you're away. During the trip, only take calls from that partner, so you know for sure that the call is important. And offer to return the favor to this partner, of course!
  • Relax, rejuvenate, come back a new person. Vacations are for these three activities and these alone. Your job for those 2-5 days is to reconnect with your family, and break away from the career for just a little bit. Remember who you are outside of your work. You need it! 

Speaking of vacations, what are your favorite get away locations? I like Chincoteague Island, VA and Davenport Iowa. Where do you go for a little R&R?