I've always felt that the annual business quarters have a rhythm to them. For me, it goes something like this:

Q1 is a mad rush of clients receiving their shiny new budgets and lining up vendors (like me) to spend their budget with. Mixed into all of this new business, I somehow also have to find time to work with my accountant on my taxes.

Q2 is mostly spentbuilding development schedules and beginning fulfillment on the new work that was won in the last quarter.

Q3 begins the innovation quarter. This is where we develop a new marketing position and roster of service offerings to help us remain relevant in the next year.

Q4 lends itself to approaching my current client base with new ideas that will help keep me included in the Q1 budget allocations for the next year.

So how do you make the most of Q2?  Here are three things to keep in mind as you move into your fulfillment quarter:

1) Think about project management. If you haven't taken a PMP course yet from the Project Management Institute, you should seriously consider it. Having a project delivery schedule, budget, and timeline will save you thousands of dollars over the course of the project(s). Your clients will appreciate a predictable delivery schedule as well, and it will help keep you in the running in Q4 as you start suggesting projects for the next year.

2) Take a second look at your project budgets and make sure you've calculated everything correctly before you start work. If a major project adjustment needs to take place, you want to do that now instead of halfway through your project schedule.

3) Spend a couple of hours looking for assistive technologies or specialized outsource partners for parts of your projects. Your goal for project delivery is to provide the best possible outcome for the least possible price. If software can automate some of your work, then you can spend more time on the parts of your project that will make a huge impact for your client. If a specialized outsource partner can bump up the quality or dramatically increase the quality of your deliverable, let them help you.

In summary, the things to think about in Q2 are quality, consistency, and cost. Focus on doing your work in the most effective and efficient way possible, and think about what you're learning now so you can come up with some real innovations in Q3 to offer to your clients.  Stay tuned for Q3 tips in June.