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Going Green in Your Small Business

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I've been involved in the green movement for a long time, because many of my clients are 'going green' with activities ranging from environmentally sustainable product manufacturing to solar energy.

The idea of green (and its antithesis, "green washing") is complicated and the environmentalists can't agree exactly what should be done.

Let me cut through the echo chamber for you and suggest two things you can do today that will benefit the Earth and your pocket book:

1) Insulate your office. The #1 producer of greenhouse gas emissions is corporate office buildings. They are built with no insulation, so the money you spend for heating and cooling just leaks right out your walls, causing you to use exponentially more energy than a properly insulated building.

Do you have to tear all the walls down and start over? No, you can lay insulation on top of your ceilings (if you have suspended ceilings), caulk your windows and insulate around your power outlets and vents. These simple installations will make a major impact on your bills and the environment as well.  

2) Stop drinking bottled water. Did you know it takes 4 liters of water to manufacture the bottle? So instead of one liter of water sitting in that bottle on your conference table, it's actually 5. If you only take a sip and then throw out the rest, the consequences are greater than just the $.75 you paid for that bottle.

Plus, it's a huge waste to ship water around the country in trucks when each of us have our own lifetime supply of H2o just sitting in our faucets every day.

I've linked to some Green Education Resources below so you can learn more. These will give practical tips for how to recycle your office equipment and use more efficient business practices in general:

The SBA's advice on how to be Green


13 ways to Go Green in Your Small Business


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  • Whether you operate a big or small business establishment, the effort that you put into supporting 'green' movements for the environment can affect many lives. By not wasting papers and other plastic products, by turning over old microchips and hard drives for safe destruction shredding, by reusing and recycling items - you can definitely make a difference.

  • Add lemons to filtered Brita water and fill up a glass pitcher with ice and water.

  • I recently had water damage to a basement ceiling in the bedroom down there and had to rip out a large portion of the dry walled ceiling. The guest who uses the room most often suggested a drop ceiling for noise cancellation. Thanks for all the great information to help me make a decision.

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