If your company is like any of the dozens that I work with, then you have employees who are exhausted from doing extra work as the employee rosters dwindled, and frustrated by working for the last three years without a raise.

They need a break, and they need it fast. It's time to get them re-engaged with your company and happy to work for you... before they start mass mailing their resumes in the hopes that other companies are emerging from the recession faster than yours.

Be the Hero - Offer Summer Flex Hours

Everyone is thinking about spring/summer vacations now that the weather is warming up. By offering flex hours, you can extend their leisure time at no extra cost to you. Let them manage their hours, working late on Mon-Thurs so they can have Friday afternoons off. It is absolutely the cheapest, yet most appreciated benefit that an employer can offer.

Here are some articles that argue in favor of Flex schedules. Flex seems like a challenge for newbies because people seem to come and go at their own pace. These resources show you how to implement Flex without losing track of who is working what hours, and how to reward based on performance instead of "showing up for work."