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What's Your Summer Dress Code?

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We're starting to get into the sweltering days of 'real' summer, where perspiration and trapped body heat make your employees uncomfortable and crabby. And the more uncomfortable they are, the more vacation days they take and the more often they leave early.

What to do?

Here's some background information - According the American Council on Exercise, people who wear casual clothes during work burn 125 MORE calories per week than those wearing formal clothes. Study participants took an average of 491 more steps per day than their normal business attire counterparts.

USA Today argues that really skimpy clothing is distracting for employees, however, and decreases production. 

My own experience has shown that a jeans environment works great. Everyone is comfortable and happy, and lots of work gets done. When I moved into an "anything goes" environment, it felt a lot like a pajama party every day. As the senior manager, I had a hard time respecting my young counterparts in their "daisy dukes" and flip flop combos.

For me, the line is drawn at shorts. Jeans and skirts are OK, but no shorts. It seems arbitrary, but that's my comfort line. What's your comfort level?  

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