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Garden Sharing in the Office - Fun and Healthy

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In every office there are gardening enthusiasts who live in apartments without yards.

Without the ability to garden, they often default to eating pizza and hot dogs all summer long. Let's get them back to their favorite hobby with Garden Sharing.

Garden Sharing is defined as an area where many people work on a large plot of land. Each person is assigned a row or two, or maybe a square section of the plot that is "theirs." They can plant what they want, and are responsible for maintaining their plot. At harvest time, they reap what they sow, so to speak.

Why bother?

1) Gardening is a relaxing activity. Employees who garden during their lunch hour or pre/post workday reduce their stress level immediately.

2) Gardeners eat what they grow. This means your pizza-chomping, hot dog-craving employees may actually eat a few vegetables this summer.

3) Gardens grow communities. Working side by side planting, weeding, and harvesting will give employees a chance to talk about something other than work. They also spend time side by side doing something they enjoy, which spills over into how they feel about the people around them.

4) Gardening gets people moving. Rather than sitting at the desk all day, taking a lunch break to garden gets employees bending, squatting, walking, and lifting. It's not exactly a fitness regime, but it beats sitting around.

Think about it...

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  • Nothing crazy this year; for now I am just starting off with some strawberry plants and tomato plants. No, it is not going to save me a huge amount of money, but it may turn into something bigger each year and eventually make an impact on my budget.

  • A nice garden in the centre of the office brings in a good feeling for all the employees.

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  • Gardening has many health and therapeutic advantages and can be entirely pleasant. It's a movement that everybody can enjoy. People with inabilities, seniors, and kids can discover it especially rewarding to invest energy in the garden tending plants and developing their very own food.

  • Garden sharing is a great area to play and plan the flowers. It is a relaxing activity. Gardening gives the opportunity to move. It is the best option to be relaxed. It is a healthy activity for employees. The company build a culture where their employees work faster and are more productive. It improves employee self-esteem.

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