Save Money with a Christmas Wish List

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Save Money with a Christmas Wish List

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"What would you like for Christmas?" Is a question I know will pop up yearly, yet one I'm surprisingly unprepared for every time I hear it. (This also applies to birthdays, and other gift-giving occasions).

"Gee," I say, pondering the idea as if it were the first time. "There was a whole bunch of things I thought of a few months, ago, but I can't remember any of them right now."

On my fictitious mental list of things I would have liked for Christmas is inevitably a host of items with varying price tags and degrees of necessity. It's perfect for a Christmas Wish List, and alleviates the need for my benefactors to guess (often wrongly) what I'd like or need.

Save Money with a Christmas Wish ListExcept, when it comes to crunch-time, I can't remember one thing on my "list" - since I don't actually have one!

This year, I've wised up. Starting now, I'm making a Christmas Wish List.

Here's how:

Start an Accessible, Ongoing List

I tend to forget things as quickly as I think of them. So it's important for the list (any list) to be accessible so you can write down passing thoughts and ideas for later action. When you think of something that might make a great Christmas present, it goes on the list.

Don't Buy What's on the List

Sometimes when I get an idea in my head of something I need, I fixate on it, not resting until I eventually get it. But if it goes on the list, forget about it, knowing that somebody will probably get it for you. (And if they don't, you can buy it later - after Christmas, on sale no less).

Avoid Duplication

The biggest risk with a Christmas Wish List is handing the same list to everybody, and receiving five duplicate items and nothing else. So choose your benefactors carefully. When asked, list a couple of items for somebody to choose from and get for you, and don't list those items to anybody else. Choose things that the person is likely to enjoy shopping for and that fits within their price range.

Start Now

Although Christmas may seem a long way away, it's all the more reason to start your ongoing list now. Because anything you can think of now that you might like for Christmas, will surely be forgotten when it's crunch time and that ever-present question "What would you like for Christmas" is asked.

How it Saves Money (and Time)

Imagine receiving Christmas presents that you really want and need. Imagine truly appreciating those gifts, and giving your benefactor the satisfaction of seeing you use that gift, remembering them fondly for it each time.

Instead of hitting the shops on Boxing Day to buy everything you didn't get as presents (and more, since some sales are hard to pass up despite their irrelevance), you can sit at home and sip warm cider and spend quality time with your family. Not only will you save money, but your family and friends will revel in having given you the perfect present, and you can spend more time focusing on what Christmas should really be about: communion.


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  • Today is my birthday all I want is this afternoon have mom and daughter day with my mom and my dad told my mom to take me out to lunch so it was mother and daughter day. We also went shopping to get what we need at home. I only spent 7 on stuff we need and 3 on myself so I spent 10 which I was proud of I have bipolar so my big things is shopping. I try to void store so I dont spend money what I dont have. I have been doing pretty good job. Lately I have to take my mom to store becuz she doesnt drive she pay little gas in my truck so I dont spend my money on gas and I void stuff that I want and ask myself do I really need it but I dont buy. Thanks god I have good kids they understand money tight and all they ask for some stuff for their bedroom and bed frame for their bed and dresser. I had spent 50 on 2 bedframe and 30 on bed comfort set for each so I spent 55 on each kids I am looking in craiglist for dresser. They got new mattress and boxspring last year but it was to big for bunkbed so they had their mattress on floor.  I glad my girls appericate what they get that I can afford. They hoping next year we get our own place.

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