20 Ways to Practice (and Profit From) Gratitude

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20 Ways to Practice (and Profit From) Gratitude

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When you approach your life with total gratitude, the resulting opportunities can be profound. Sometimes it leads to financial profit, sometimes other kinds.

20 Ways to Practice (and Profit From) GratitudeTry some of these 20 ways to practice gratitude, and watch how your own life changes.  

1. Start a Vision Board and view it with thanks for the life you've created.  

2. Cook a meal for somebody.

3. Help a stranger in need. (A friend of mine says "One senseless act of kindness per day keeps the doctor away"!)

4. Start a Gratitude Journal. Keep it with you all the time and write the "little things" you're grateful for as they occur to you throughout the day.  

5. When something bad happens, try being thankful for the experience anyway. If your mind is open to the idea that something good could come of it, it might. For  example, missing your bus might mean you meet somebody important to the greater context of your life that you wouldn't otherwise have met.  

6. Donate to charity.

7. Next time somebody makes a snap judgement, think about it from the other side and encourage them to see it that way as well. It can be a mind-expanding exercise.

8. Every morning and/or evening, think about one thing you're grateful for.

9. Call somebody you haven't spoken to in too long.  

10. Do something nice for yourself. It doesn't have to cost money; a simple walk in the park during your lunch instead of working from your desk might suffice.

11.Get out into nature and admire the scenery. Smell the flowers - no really!  

12. Play the Prosperity Game.

13. Eat a meal consciously. Understand where it came from, how it grew, and imagine the journey of your food from its place of origination to your table.  

14. Call your mother on your birthday - and thank her. (She was there, you know!)

15. Join Couchsurfers, and offer some hospitality to a traveler coming through your home town. You'll appreciate your backyard in a new way.

16. Smile at a stranger.

17. Start a "pay it forward" game at the drive-thru. Tell the drive-thru cashier you'd like to pay for the coffee for the driver behind you as well. Maybe they'll accept the gift and "pay it forward" by paying for the driver behind them! 

18. Take your camera everywhere with you for a day, and look at the world with a photographer's eye. When you view familiar surroundings with fresh eyes, sometimes you see new things, or understand them from a different angle.

19. Think about a recent argument you had with somebody, and seriously consider their point of view.

20. Make a card for somebody important to you - for no good reason other than to show them you care.


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  • I love this and will definitely be putting some of these into practice, writing a card for a friend, pay it forward at the coffee shop and start a vision board are my top 3. :)

  • @Emelina - Awesome! Please check back in later on and let us know how it's working out!

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