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Take Pleasure

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Take PleasureFor the past couple of months, we've been using a new mantra each week as a reminder to pursue good balance in life. This week, it's not about self-improvement, but about enjoying the things you already have.

The mantra: "Take pleasure."

See how often you can repeat those words to yourself in the days to come, and let those words steer your thoughts in a positive direction. The point is to take pleasure each day, in the normal settings of your life, instead of waiting for things to be better "someday."

Appreciate Where You Are

The problem with "someday" is that it never comes. When we get past one challenge, we often don't pause to savor that moment of achievement. Instead, our minds shift to other worries. Life can feel like an unending burden.

My advice: take stock of everything that's good in your life right now. Maybe your financial situation is bad, but your health is good. So take a minute to appreciate your good health. Or maybe you enjoy your job. Maybe you've been getting into better shape. Maybe your dog loves you. It doesn't matter what it is -- just look around and find something that's working for you.

Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be something "big." You could take enjoyment from listening to a band you really like, or reading Game of Thrones, or digging in your garden and watching the plants grow. Whatever is good, savor it. 

Assume that Life Is Supposed to be Good

And savor life itself. Living and breathing and trying to achieve something good day by day is better than the alternative. That's why you should take pleasure in everything good that comes along.

Sure, when things are going bad, or when life in general seems to be a drudge, it's easy to overlook the good things that are happening. You take on a pessimistic view. You worry. You doubt. Maybe you even come to believe that the deck is stacked against you. 

But life isn't out to get you. And life can be beautiful, even at times when it seems bleak. That's why I encourage you to make "take pleasure" your mantra this week -- and to look for all the ways that you can take pleasure from life. 

Today, for instance, we finally got a milder day after months and months of the sweltering Texas summer. I have a million projects underway at work and plenty of other concerns in my life, but for a little while as I drove around today I could simply take pleasure in the clear skies and cooling breeze.

In your own life, you might hear a beautiful song, talk to an old friend, visit one of your favorite places, or simply enjoy a wonderful memory. (Note that those are all things that you can initiate for yourself.) Whatever happens, you have the ability to look for the good in life and enjoy it. 

Isn't that better than dwelling on what's wrong? I hope you'll agree that it's at least worth a try. 

What will you do this week to take pleasure in your life?


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 Tim Walker

Tim is a writer, marketer, and social media pro living in Austin. He joined CareOne's blogging team as a contributing writer for the Life Balance blog in 2009. As a blogger who has personally overcome debt challenges, he draws from his own experience to provide tips on living a balanced life and keeping fit. You can read more of his thoughts (on fitness and everything else) at his personal blog, What I've Learned So Far. Compensated Blogger for CareOne Debt Relief Services.

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  • What a great blog, thank you, Tim.  You are so right, we tend to fixate on the serious, the ominous and the "whst ifs."  Sometimes just sitting outdoors looking at the sky and the trees, and smelling the grass changes my perspective so much...................

  • Now, not all of us can be funny like Richard Pryor was funny, and there's no sense in forcing it if you're not good at making a joke. But having a sense of humor about tough situations can make all the difference. Keeping things light, when it's appropriate

  • The thing is that we get consumed by all the activities around us that we get no time to spend on ourselves or even think about doing so.

  • Great article. I found this much informative, as what I am looking for exactly. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

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