Life Balance

Nora and Tim help you find balance when dealing with a stressful debt situation. Learn how to manage stress and enjoy travel without breaking the bank.
  • Life Balance

    Putting it in Perspective

    It took a long time before I stopped being insanely jealous of every single person around me. I used to look at others who seemed to be living such carefree lives: going out to dinner, planning extravagant vacations, renovating their house. And here I was, pretty much living paycheck to paycheck, in hopes of eventually getting myself out of this deep, dark hole. It just didn’t seem fair. ...
  • Life Balance

    Wherever There's Debt, There's Stress

    Being in debt sucks. I know because I was once there. And believe me when I say that debt goes so far beyond an empty wallet: It can affect nearly every aspect of your life, from your relationship with your spouse and your kids…to how you see yourself. There’s just so much stress involved with being in debt that it truly begins to consume you. Over time, though, I began to learn how to deal with these emotions—and that’s when things really started to look up. In this Life Balance blog, I’ll share with you what I did to stay sane when it sometimes felt like I was going to fall apart. My sincere hope is that this blog will help you learn how to deal with these emotions as well, because I firmly believe that a good mental state is one of the single most important tools in becoming debt-free. ...
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