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In Debt...and Ready to Party!

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We used to invite our friends and neighbors over for parties.  BBQ ribs, steak, shrimp, whatever we were in the mood for.  No need to bring anything, we'd tell them, we've got it handled, just come over and have a good time.  Doing this for a group of people is expensive....doing it every week is an absolute wallet flattener.    

When my wife and I had our debt epiphany, we naturally realized that we just couldn't do this any longer.  We love hanging out with our friends, we love to entertain, but given our situation, we just couldn't do it anymore.  We'd have to just hide away in our house like hermits until we've paid off all our debt.  When the dawn of being debt free arrives, we would awake from our social hibernation, feel the sun on our face once again, and hope that our friends still lived down the block.....right?  Not necessarily.  Here are some tips to entertaining without spending a fortune: 

  • Make it potluck.   Invite your friends over for dinner, and you'll likely be asked, "What can we bring?"    Let them!  Everyone likes to show off their culinary skills, plus, that way, each guest (or couple) only has to purchase supplies for one thing.   Assign different people/couples to appetizers, beverages, entree, and desert.  You get a variety of ideas, and better yet, if you rotate assignments, add in a theme, you'll never have the same meal twice!
  • It doesn't have to be dinner.  Don't want to deal with the time commitment, or the stress of entertaining for a full meal?  Invite your friends over for fun after dinner.  Ask each person to bring their favorite snack and/or beverage.
  • Make a game of it.  Almost everyone has a deck of cards lying around.  If you don't, you can pick one up for next to nothing.  There are countless games you can play with a deck of cards (just search the internet!).  Board games are also an inexpensive alternative that you can play over and over again.  If you haven't checked out the games isle at your local superstore lately, you'll be amazed at the variety of games that are available. 

These ideas are just a starting point.  I'm sure lots of you have other ideas on how to have a fun night with your friends without spending a lot of money - please share them!

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  • I think this is an excellent blog.  My husband and I also enjoy having friends over and we always allow friends to bring desserts or beverages and try to have snack foods that can be less expensive than having a full meal.  Also, playing cards or dominoes is a fun time and calls for no extra spending!!!

  • Thanks for your comment, xmng167!  The funny thing we've moved to this way of doing things when we have friends over, they all say, "I don't understand why you didn't do this before - it must have been super expensive to supply everything yourself!"  They sure were right!

  • It's a great way to socialize with friends without having to pay for and prepare an entire meal for a large group of people all by yourself.

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